Precision - it's not a coincidence:

JUST FLOW.  Liquid and Gas.
The first Flow Laboratory to be accredited for both liquid and gas flow measurement in Europe.

Our high standards and extensive knowhow in the field of Flow Measurement are obvious from the first glance: Europe-wide, we were the first Calibration Laboratory to be accredited by the German Accreditation authority DAkkS for both Liquid and Gas Flow Calibrations and still the only one that specializes exclusively in Flow.
We are not a “jack of all trades”, we are dedicated to FLOW and it shows. Our competence is the result of our more than 20 years of dedication to advancing the Flow Measurement and Calibration state of the art and is guaranteed by our DIN EN ISO 9001 TÜV certification and DAkkS accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
JUST for FLOW. Liquid and Gas.

The DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) is equivalent to other international programs such as NVLAP the USA, COFRAC in France, UKAS in the UK, etc.

We have also been independently audited and certified to be in conformance with ISO 9001 and have been registered as an accredited FLOW Instrumentation Laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 9001 . The accreditation is through TÜV, the most prestigious Certification Organization in Germany.

Our DAkkS ISO 17025 accreditation has been expanded to include On-Site Calibration for Liquids: 

  • 0.03-5000 l/min for both Volumetric and Mass Flow
  • On-Site uncertainty (K=2) ranging from 0.09% to 0.12% Of Reading

Expanded flow range capability allows TrigasFI to once again redefine the state of the art in Flow Measurement and Calibration accuracy.
Implementation of new Algorithms and Measurement Techniques allow unprecedented accuracy, as low as 0.04% for liquid calibrations.
Construction of new calibrators makes it possible to perform calibrations with the same accuracy at liquid flowrates as low as 0.00005 l/min (0.05 ml/min ).
TrigasFI is now accredited for liquid calibrations over a range of 0.00005 to 5000 lpm, or 100.000.000 (100 million!) to 1.
Arguably the widest in the world.

TrigasFI DAkkS Test Rigs for Fluids:

  • For oil calibrations:
  • Volume flow: 0.00005 lit/min (0.05 ml/min) to 1,500 lit/min
  • Mass flow: 0.00004 kg/min (0.04 gr/min) to 1,500 kg/min
  • For water calibrations:
  • Volume flow: up to 5000 lit/min
  • Mass flow: up to 5000 kg/min

TrigasFI DAkkS Test Rigs for Gases:

  • Volume flows: 0.001 to 20,000 Nlit/min in Air
  • 0.005 to 700 nlpm in N2, Ar, He and mixtures
  • 0.005 to 300 nlpm in H2, CH4, CO2, C3H8 and mixtures
  • Pressure up to 15 bar for gas flow measurements